Alabama Builds Memorial to Honor Lynching Victims

Racial lynching and slavery has been a huge red stain on the United States. A new memorial hopes to rectify it.

In 2017, a memorial honoring thousands of lynching victims will open in Montgomery, Alabama.

For decades, these nameless victims went unnoticed and forgotten, but that will no longer be the case in the next coming year. These once nameless and innocent victims will soon have a permanent place in The Memorial to Peace and Justice. This memorial will serve as a place of remembrance for all the victims of racial lynching. For many, this memorial is long overdue. Racial lynching, although painful to discuss, robbed thousands of innocent lives, but this memorial seeks to recognize them.

Lynching Memorial

The Memorial to Peace and Justice will shine a new light on the victims of racial lynching. No longer will they be silenced by the criminal act of lynching. Soon, they will have their proper place in history and for years to come their names will be echoed and remembered by many.

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