Black Women Are Selling Themselves Out For “Likes”

Why are Black women selling themselves out on social media to gather a following from Black men?

Pay attention, and you will see which women on social media get the most praise from men. It is the women who get online and totally dismiss any type of male accountability. Their whole message is rooted in shaming women for everything, blaming her past experiences with abusive men on herself, and then directing this same misdirected self-accountability at other women. Her entire message is nothing more than coddling men and apologizing to men for the women who won’t continue to stroke their egos.

These women do not love other women. They will constantly make references like “Brother” but you won’t ever hear them offer a helping hand to sisters. They promote male leadership. They won’t acknowledge the harmful misogyny in our community but they are quick to bring up terms like “misandry” which is nothing but a deflection as women do not have the social power to oppress men. These women have no honest intention to restore the community. They just know that in this world, the only real way to draw the collective of male attention is by selling themselves out and other women.

Their self-esteems are low and damaged. By now, the only way they can feel validated is by having other men tell them, “You are a true queen. The world needs more women like you. You understand us, men. You are different than other women.”
These women will talk about how women need to be more respecting of men, but go view their page and you will see just how many men go unchecked after they resort to calling women “hoes” and “bitches”. But the moment a woman stands up to a man on that same page, the woman who owns the page will say, “Stop. This is why men do not protect us. Because you treat them like this.”

These self-hating women have the same topics always. And here they are.1. Women who lie about rape.

Women who lie about rape.

Statistics show that as low as two percent of rapes (or less) are detected as “lies” but yet these women dedicate their entire page to “exposing” women who supposedly lie about being raped and sympathizing for “men who were falsely accused”, but when it is time to talk about ACTUAL rapes which are extremely rampant in our community, they don’t want to talk about that because they feel it can “go both ways”.
Black men come on the page saying things like, “THANK YOU, QUEEN. YOU GET IT. MOST OF THESE BITCHES LIE ABOUT RAPE. THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO PAINT US OUT TO BE RAPISTS. I BET THE MAJORITY OF RAPE CASES AREN’T EVEN REALLY RAPE.” And then the woman sits up there agreeing with that, despite the fact that SHE was raped herself! Because she finds comfort in having men congratulate her for having an opinion that coddles men.

Women who make twerk videos.

For some odd reason, women love to judge other women who twerk online. This has become a big topic among men who want any reason to make women seem like a problem. Women caught onto this and seen how much men love to talk down on twerk videos. So now women who need male attention jumped right aboard. They share videos of women twerking and say, “Is this a real woman? Is this what we are asking men to protect? Now I bet if a man was to jack her ass up, yall would have a problem with that. But why are we not enraged at this woman twerking?”

Hmm, maybe we are not enraged because a woman shaking her own butt online is not a death threat to the community. Maybe we find rape and domestic abuse to be ten times more detrimental than a twerk video online.

Is that really ALL you have to talk about? Really?

Single mothers.

Women know how much Black men despise single mothers and blame single mothers for all the problems this world has to offer. So now women, EVEN WOMEN WHO ARE SINGLE MOTHERS THEMSELVES, are riding this train. They tell men that they are right about single mothers. They say things like, “Before we judge men for leaving mothers single, let’s talk about what women do to scare men away. Women do not listen. They always want to think for themselves instead of letting the man lead. We can’t blame men for leaving us. This is our karma. Live with it. We will be lucky if any man wants to commit to us at this point. Men have no reason to be with a woman with kids.”

Just a bunch of desperate self-accountability so that a sorry man will see and say “DAMN. I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY WORK WITH THIS WOMAN. I AM GOING TO MAKE HER MY QUEEN. WHY AREN’T ALL WOMEN LIKE HER?”


These women really feel like they are changing the condition of the world by shaming sexual women. They expect an ultra increase in respect just off the strength of being sexually reserved. They bash women who do not gear their sex lives around society’s standards. They call other Black women “hoes”, “sluts”, and “whores”. They say “Act like a lady. Have some class. Then maybe men will start to respect you.”
The irony is that men will come on there praising her for shunning these sexually uninhibited women BUT yet these are the same men who put in an extreme effort trying to have sex with the same “hoes” they talk down on.

But you know what? These are the Black women online who have damn near the whole entire male collective supporting their page. Not supporting HER of course because they won’t give her even a dollar donation and wouldn’t step in if a man was beating her up. But they support her message because it makes them feel good!

Black women can have all the attention they want from having internalized misogynistic pages like this, BUT you are only attracting men who will NEVER accept responsibility. You are only attracting men who will ALWAYS blame you no matter what they do. You will attract men who will only “respect” you if you fit their criteria.
Face it. Your whole life is geared around approval from MEN.

You do not care about Black women. Stop trying to act like saying, “Cover up. Don’t be a whore. Dress like a woman.” has anything to do with caring about Black women. You will let ANY man disrespect ANY woman as long as it means you will get all the male attention you need.

You all should stop supporting pages from Black women like this. It only contributes to our demise.

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