Come Get A Piece of Shirley Caesar’s Lit Thanksgiving

“Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, lamb…. You naaaaaame it!”
shirley caesar

The start of this November has been treacherous to say the least but you can always count on black church mothers to make everything alright. Shirley Caesar is rocking everybody’s soul with the latest viral video in these Facebook streets.

The #UNameItChallenge has saints and sinners alike rocking to the only Southern Baptist trap remix to Mother Shirley’s gospel classic “Hold My Mule” . Forget John’s house! I’m going to HER house for Thanksgiving and thanks to Suede The Remix God– he has given heathens like me a way back to the Lawd! PRAISE HIM!

There are now tons of remixes and the ingenuity of each one is sure to bring laughs. Who would have thought that a drumbeat, snares and heavy bass would have black folks so lit for church and Thanksgiving? I promise if the choir would have been jumping like this at my Big Mama’s church in Gadsden, Alabama, I would have NEVER missed a Sunday.


Whether it’s via “The Milly Rock”, “The Bankhead Bounce”, “The Prep” or any other dance that will get us a heaping helping of Grandma’s “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, lamb, ram…. ” – we know that it will be cooked with love and we will all be together!

We know what’s on Shirley Caesar’s menu. What’s on yours? Tell us in the comment section!

Oh and #Youcantoutdoblackpeople EVAH!

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