Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Boxing Match Update

Two weeks into 2017, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's feud evolved from a social media spat into a highly publicized boxing match. Only time will tell if the fight actually goes on.

For those of you who may not know..Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are taking it to the ring and boxing it out for PAY-PER VIEW!!

The two celebrities have had many disputes via social media and have made it clear how they feel about each other. The beef between the two celebrities all started on instagram..yes that’s right, Instagram!

The singer Chris Brown commented under a post that was posted by his former girlfriend Karrueche saying “still want it” Yes that’s right he still wants his old thing back! But we all know what Karrueche’s decision should be..DO NOT GIVE IN HONEY, keep it moving!

Well Karrueche made it clear that she is not interested in Chris and wishes he would grow up and move along. Many fans and “instagrammers” took this as an opportunity to edge on Chris’s rant yet again. Chris Brown then posted to his instagram to let it be known his comment was just a mere simple fun post joking and to not be taken serious. He went on to remind his ex Karrueche that he made her famous and that she would be nothing without him. He just can’t let her live this down! Lay off Chris, please let the poor woman live her life, I mean she has been through enough already..gessh Chris!

Well Soulja seems to agree with me and quickly responded to Chris’s post implying that Karrueche is an independent woman and that Chris Brown thinks he’s stuff because He beat up Rihanna suggested that he would gladly beat Chris up in defense to Karrueche. It doesn’t stop here people!

The two celebrities went on and on until the two decided to take it to the ring to box it out, and of course the winner takes all! The iconic fight will be viewed on pay per view in Dubai with a to be announced date. The boxing match has to be over seas due to laws restricting drug use in America and we all know the two celebrities can not and will not pass the drug test.

Who do you think the winner will be?

The champ Flyod Mayweather will be training Rapper Soulja Boy and The Heavy weight champ Mike Tyson will be training singer Chris Brown. And wait it gets juicer..Mike Tyson even released a diss track to Soulja Boy in confidence his trainee Chris Brwon will walk away from this fight with a win! I’m sorry soul Boy but my money is on Chris Brown and it is all because of the video I attached to this post from world star.

This whole fight/argument is pure comedy I must admit. For this reason I can’t help but to question rather this is whole situation is just for the likes or are these two celebrities really going to throw on the gloves jump in the ring and throw down!

Well I guess we will just have to wait and see..only time will tell but in the mean time lets enjoy this video link… Enjoy!

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