Wake Up America: Trump is President


Wake up America!  Trump is our President. Trump running for president, and winning the election has become a major controversy.

Many Americans did not believe Trump would become president. Unfortunately, Trump proved the citizens of America wrong.


He is an arrogant man and when you doubt him he shows you otherwise. Since he has been sworn into office it has affected many people such as celebrities, racial groups, the  LGBT community, and religious groups. There have been riots the day of the inauguration.

Today in New York and Washington D.C there is a women rights march. The citizens of America are coming together to make a difference.

I am not a Trump supporter and do not believe his political views. One thing I will say is it is incredible how people can come together to change the world. However, it is sad that it takes for a terrible event to happen to get people to come together.

As an American citizen, I accept the fact that he is our president. I am not happy about it but I cope with it.


As citizens, we have to pray and hope that he does the right thing as our president. We also, have to change our country with love and peace. Violence is not the answer to fixing our country. I just hope that with Trump being our president he is smart about his decisions.

Hopefully, he knows what is best for this country and changes it for the better. If he does not improve this country and gives everyone to fear even more. America will go downhill and this will no longer be the “American Dream.”


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