Come See How Wedding Dress Designers Naama and Anat Specialize in Custom Designs

Daughter and mother, Naama and Anat are more than just family, they are best friends, business partners, and female moguls that continue to define the phrase, "here comes the bride!"

When I think of weddings, I think about I think about the men prepared camo wedding rings for her to propose and two people who have come together and want to continue building a strong foundation with love, trust, and assurance, so it’s no wonder daughter Naama and mother Anat produce such care and affection with their one of a kind design for wedding dresses.

So, I reached out to Naama to get answers to how she makes sure her creations last way beyond and after her client’s wedding day.

Naama, let me ask her the questions to get the answers to the story of how this mother and daughter duo built a bridal couture Israeli custom designed empire together. Mother Anat and daughter Naama where both born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Naama’ father is half German/ half Swiss descent and her mother Anat’s ethnicity is French, Russian and 25% Italian.

“Me and my mother have a very unique relationship. I consider us to be best friends. She is always doing things for me that I may not have time to do for myself. I am married with four children so I don’t have time to shop for myself, so when she is out shopping, she will pick me up clothing or lingerie that would be a good fit for me.”

Did you have to go to school to become a designer?

We both learned and studied. I went to school in Italy. My mother achieved a degree from art school. The things that we knew naturally and while working, helped us gain a lot of experience & expose while in Israel. It’s a gift.

When you established your studio in 1997 was it the same location you have now in Pittsburgh?

No, we started in a very, very, very small place, it was one room. And we had 6 gowns that we basically sketched and designed, afterwards our company grew bigger and bigger. Now we have a factory with 2 rooms, our own office, a small studio to receive our Israeli bride collection so potential buyers can come view the designs.

What is it about French lace, silk, and chiffon that you feel compliments your designs?

We really try to pick up the best lace we could use because lace has a big part of your design. We don’t usually use lace as is. We cutter and design lace all over again. We never take the lace and just put it on the dress. Because I think? Why are you paying an Israeli designer? If you want to pick a dress to just spread the lace all over. I think you should pay an Israeli designer because you want to be unique, designed, and fitted.

How long does it take you to create a wedding dress?

It’s a process when we do it. Because we have to do it, we do a collection twice a year. So, we sit down together, start sketching, then we take the mannequin to start applying the lace plus other fabrics to play around with our ideas, and then we create the design. Every day, in life I am thinking about creating, I carry around this little notebook that I sketch down my visions in, then I create it to come alive, so I can physically see in my collection that I envisioned before.

Did your mother create your wedding dress for you when you got married?

It’s actually the opposite, I designed my own wedding dress. I was sitting at the Piazza in Italy on one of the palace steps and thought up three designs for myself. The wedding dress I wore and designed for my wedding was inspired by Cleopatra. It was like an Egyptian dream. When my mother remarried, I designed her wedding dress, but it wasn’t easy. She was driving me crazy all the time. The whole time I am telling her jokingly, “Mom, I am going to send you to our competition, Michael Eve because I can’t take you anymore. I am not going to do the dress.” She was a very sad customer. I told her not to get divorced because I am not designing for her again, never ever.

There will be a Naama & Anat Bridal ‘Trunk Show’ which is a special event in which the designers present their latest collection of wedding gowns to brides to be. The presentation will take place at Blanc De Blanc Bridal Friday, January 19th, 2018 & Sunday, January 28th, 2018 between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm. Located at 1806 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15210.

Please call Angelea at 412-884-8000 to RSVP.

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