Summer 2018: Upcoming Album Releases to Mark on Your Calendar

After a hot start to the year, summer of 2018 looks to be another great season for big music releases.


After a hot start to the year, summer of 2018 looks to be another great season for big music releases. So far, 2018 has been a year of success for new artists and household names alike. From hip-hop to dance pop, these are the four most anticipated albums of the summer.


Photo Credit: NME

After a series of three successful Saturation albums, BROCKHAMPTON is at it again with their first record of 2018. The hip-hop group picked up a lot of steam throughout 2017, and early showings of Puppy indicate that 2018 will follow suit. Early teaser material showcases the same innovative beats and cutthroat lyrics that propelled the band to stardom last year. The album releases in early June.

2. Drake – Scorpion

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Drake has been all over the Billboard charts for the past few months. Since the release of back-to-back singles “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What,” the rapper has elevated his career to new levels of success. The album is predicted to feature a more fiery style similar to Drake’s earliest work. In any case, fans are counting down the days until Scorpion’s June release date. Only time will tell if Scorpion’s tracks can live up to its singles.

3. Kanye West & Kid Cudi – Kids See Ghosts

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Kanye and Kid Cudi have joined forces under the group name of “Kids See Ghosts”. Their album is likely to be one of the biggest hip-hop releases in recent times as both artists have massive fan bases. Best of all, the album is produced completely by Kanye and should include many tracks showcasing the sampling virtuoso’s ear for chopping beats. Also importantly, this album launches on June 8th — only a week after Kanye’s new solo EP.

4. Major Lazer – Music is the Weapon

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Last, and the only non-hip-hop release on this list, Major Lazer is finally releasing their long-awaited Music is the Weapon. They teased the album back in 2015, but several new singles and teasers have put the group back on the radar. Their newest songs have been great examples of the emerging “Island Pop” genre. The exact release date is to be announced, but fans are predicting a midsummer release.

In all, these are four of the most anticipated releases of the summer—and of 2018 at large. There is plenty else to get excited about, but new albums from these major artists will keep listeners happy through the parties of the summer.