Top 10 Best US Cities to Live In

Thinking about moving to a new city? Wondering which cities to consider moving to? Here are the top 10 best cities in the United States, according to “U.S. News & World Reports.”

Thinking about moving to a new city? Wondering which cities to consider moving to? Here are the top 10 best cities in the United States, according to “U.S. News & World Reports.”

Factors in making it to the list include job availability, the cost of living, commuting issues, and schools in the area.

Austin, Texas

Austin is known for being sunny, pretty, friendly, and unique. It is also home known as the Live Music Capital of the world due to its many venues for live music. To match its beautiful weather, it has a variety of outdoor activities available, with many parks offering hiking, biking, swimming, and water sports like kayaking and canoeing. There’s a casual feel to the city that invites its citizens to express themselves. It’s also known for Longhorn football and abundance of food trucks. Finally, it is a great city for dog lovers, because they are welcome just about everywhere.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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One reason why people are flocking to Colorado Springs is that of the affordable real estate within driving distance to Denver. It also has the feel of a suburban town rather than a big city, making it popular with families. Colorado Springs also makes a high quality of life affordable. It is also known for its clean air and healthy atmosphere. Don’t let the family-friendly atmosphere trick you into thinking that there’s no nightlife here. There are plenty of bars and restaurants. Its proximity to Pikes Peak makes it an excellent spot for hiking, too.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a great place to live if you’re single. It has a great job market and a low cost of living with a high quality of life. The nightlife here is amazing, with a variety of clubs, bars, and restaurants. It also has a strong sense of culture, with an emphasis on the arts and music. Not into the arts? In addition to its popular sports teams, it has incredible outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and kayaking.

Des Moines, Iowa

Western Gateway Park

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With its strong job market and reputation as a great city for business, it’s no surprise that people are choosing to move to Des Moines, Iowa. Its excellent park and recreation options and superb school systems don’t hurt, either. Along with its population, its local restaurant and nightclub scene are growing to make this a very entertaining city to live in.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

This city in the Ozarks is the location of Fortune 500 companies’ headquarters? If you are business or career oriented, you will find many local opportunities with local businesses in Fayetteville. There is a strong cultural life with plenty of arts and music to enjoy. It also has parks that cover over 3,000 acres. If that doesn’t have you house hunting in Fayetteville, try their barbecue because it’s some of the best in the country.

Portland, Oregon

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Whether you’re hoping to get into a tech company or work for Nike, there are job opportunities galore in Portland, Oregon. While it has the urban opportunities of a big city, it also is a place to enjoy the four seasons and the natural beauty in Oregon. Like beer? With Portland’s 261 brewing facilities, your weekend tasting parties will be booked for years. More of a wine person? There are also 500 wineries nearby. It’s also known for being a great city for bikes. As a bonus, there’s no sales tax!

Huntsville, Alabama

With a low unemployment rate and low cost of living, Huntsville might be the right city for you. It is known for being environmentally friendly. Its neighborhoods have a variety of personalities, so there’s sure to be one that’s right for you.

Washington, D.C.

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Most people are aware of the rich historical background of our nation’s capital. What they don’t realize is that its embassies create an environment that is equally rich in diversity and culture. The natural beauty of the area combined with the stately architecture of the buildings makes for a scenic city. It also has a great job market and quality of life, not to mention the political opportunities in D.C.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The top two reasons why people love living in Minneapolis are the beautiful lakes in the region, and how friendly the people are. It also has a low cost of living and terrific career opportunities. If you’re thinking about starting a family, it has the top ten schools in the country.

Seattle, Washington

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Seattle is known for its coffee and its farmers’ markets. It has a low unemployment rate and a steady job market. Surrounded by beautiful wilderness and water, it has access to nature, but also a thriving nightlife.

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