Tips for Successful Holiday Travel and Fellowship

The holidays are right around the corner making this an exciting time of the year for many.

The holidays are right around the corner making this an exciting time of the year for many. Just the thought of traditional holiday meals and classic family jokes may have you counting down the days. Seeing as the holidays are about spending time with the people who you love, some may have plans of traveling out to make this possible. 

Whether you’re traveling near or far, making preparations before you go is necessary. This is especially true if you don’t want to end up rushing to get things done last minute or come back home to chaos. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, you also don’t want to forget what the essence of the holidays is. 

If you’re going to be traveling during the holidays and want to use it as a time to reconnect with yourself and loved ones, here are a couple of tips for successful holiday travel and fellowship.

Prioritize Home Security

Traveling during the holidays means that your home is likely to be vacant during that time unless somebody else lives there. Burglaries are said to jump during the holidays which means your home is likely to be at greater risk. There are multiple ways to keep your home protected while you’re away but start by not broadcasting your movements on social media or places that could put you at risk. 

Installing a home security system is a way to keep your home safe while you’re away. Some of the pieces of equipment that make up a home security system are alarms, lights, and sensors as well. If you can afford it, get an outdoor security camera so that you have live footage of what’s going on in your home. Some features of these cameras are that you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Others may be weather-proof and have two-way audio as well as a built-in camera.  

Aside from this, you should check your door locks and windows to make sure that they’re secure and can’t easily be picked or broken. 

Consider Taking an RV

For a memorable holiday travel experience, why not take an RV on your travels? If going with family, it would be the perfect chance for you to bond and create sacred memories. Renting an RV could also make for a richer trip as you could stopover in different cities to see family members and friends who aren’t able to travel. 

To put yourself in the holiday mood, decorate the van in a way that makes you feel connected to the season. Lights can be hung on the inside and outside of the van or buy a small tree that you can securely place somewhere. To make the journey fun, you could play games like Secret Santa with sentimental or funny gifts, Crazy 8s, Go Fish, or Spades and anything else that evokes moments of laughter and bonding 

For safety reasons, invest in a dashcam that you can use while driving, especially if you’ll be traveling far. Some benefits are that you can use it as evidence in case you get into a car accident and it can help capture crime. In addition to using a dashcam, you also want to take precautions such as not bringing valuables you can’t afford to lose along and using an alarm or deadbolt to keep your RV safe.

Make Time for Fellowship 

It’s easy to forget the essence of the holidays, especially with so much focus on consumerism and spending. Although there is love in gift-giving, look for ways to celebrate the cherished people and things you already have. An idea would be to create a gratitude box where everyone writes down someone they’re grateful for and why. Another idea would be to share Thanksgiving quotes and humorous sayings over dinner. 

It could also help if you uphold family traditions whether it be making sweet potato pie, collard greens, or sharing Royal Dansk cookies over classic holiday movies. These traditions are what can help cement your bond with loved ones and add to your archive of holiday memories. 

Remember to Travel Safety 

Aside from keeping your home and RV safe, you also need to think about safety if you’re going on a family vacation. You could decide collectively that you want to treat the whole family this year and do something different. 

When on vacation, research your destination country to see if there are any amber alerts you should be aware of. Be careful of scams such as the broken taxi meter scam in Costa Rica or the ring scam in Paris to give you a few common examples. Lastly, be your brother’s keeper and move around in groups, especially at night as there tends to be safety in numbers.  

The holidays should be a magical time where you take a break from the noise around you and focus on the things that matter. Traveling during this time is a chance for you to forget about material things and work pressures, and instead focus on the people around you that make the holidays special.

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