Asia Clayborne’s African Inspired ‘Rain+Sky’ Home Decor Brings a Part of the Motherland into Your Home

Asia turned towards Africa for inspiration in her Home Decor business.

It’s not every day you come across a gift that’s truly unique. Especially involving home decor. I’ve always seen handcrafted signs, unique figurines and small items that make homes feel like, well a home. But for Asia Clayborne’s Rain+Sky Home Decor business, she takes it a step further and actually brings a part of the homeland into your home as well.

I got a chance to sit down with her and inquire about her business and found out quickly that the inspiration behind it all is her children and family. She states that “family is the most beautiful part of any home and a lot of people struggle to find a name that really resonates. It just made sense for me to name my business after them.”

“I also wanted to give them something to be proud of as they grow and come into their own. To give my children a sense of pride; is priceless to me.”

This led to her creating a very unique collection of Africa Coasters. What makes this collection special is that no one has ever done this before.

A coaster on its own is functional, but visually it can be mundane. By shaping them into the continent of Africa, she’s turned something so mundane into something stunning and luxurious.

My coasters are a testament to the beauty of Africa and the beauty of our people. The beauty that often goes unnoticed, but when you see our pieces you realize; it is a beauty like no other. They truly have become the statement pieces in our clients’ homes.”

Asia goes on to add “the response has been nothing short of amazing and I am just happy to have created something that not only I love, but everyone, from all cultures and backgrounds, loves.” 

The longer I chat with Asia, the more apparent that her family, especially her children, is the lifeline to Rain+Sky Home Decor.

“My children are too young to really dive into creating intricate decor pieces, but, there isn’t a moment that I am working and they aren’t wide-eyed, right by my side, learning.”

“My oldest daughter Raina, already at the age of 8, is an artist. She creates the most beautiful paintings, that I’ve ever seen any 8-year old create, and my two youngest children Skai and Justice, let’s just say they are artists in training. I love seeing that spark of creativity in their eyes,” she enthusiastically and proudly adds.

Her future plans for Rain+Sky are to partner with retail stores and to release a luxury furniture collection. She’s been silently (not so much anymore) creating custom furniture pieces for some of her clients that have requested this service.

“I’d love to see our pieces featured in restaurants, lounges, coffee shops, juice bars, you name it! To have my pieces in homes and businesses across the world would be a dream come true! So, I’m working on bringing that dream to fruition.”

Asia also plans to nurture new partnerships and investments. Her vision is to build a marketplace for other Black Artisans to proudly showcase their designs.

“I plan to take my business to unimaginable heights, but, I also want to encourage the people around me to give themselves permission to grow and be greater. That is at the core of my brand and my vision for Rain+Sky Home.”

“You see a lot of people waiting until they reach a certain level before they really start to sow into other businesses. We aren’t a big brand, we are still in the startup stages, but, there is an African Proverb that says: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!'”

It’s become clear that Asia has a strong value for the community and uplifting those around her through Entrepreneurship. She left off with a very inspirational final word.

“I started my business during a time, when I was mentally, emotionally and physically in a fight for my life, to rediscover who Asia is. I made it up in my heart, that if anything or anyone is against me; I’m going to come out victorious. Doubt will not win, the enemy will not win, sickness will not win. I am a living testament that no obstacle you are facing, is big enough to obstruct you from reaching what God has for you. I credit my mother for instilling in me discernment and the strength to fight.”

“When you are going through your season of transformation, it is important to stay focused and have a strong support system of people that encourage your growth. Support is so needed and necessary, and I’ve learned on this journey, it is just as rewarding to give it, as it is to receive it.”

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