Kris Anderson: A young Entrepreneur with his Eyes on the Prize

Rylan Digital's Kris Anderson may only be 20 but he is chock-full of knowledge and knows the ins and outs of marketing businesses online.

Meet the 20-year-old digital marketer from Beloit, Wisconsin. If you’re looking for a strong online presence but unsure how to get there, then you need to check out his company Rylan Digital. Rylan Digital is a trusted digital agency for businesses and organizations that build compelling websites and custom-tailored digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns help companies scale and succeed within their target market, which is invaluable to any company and/or organization.

When I had the pleasure of talking to Kris, I realized not only does he have a vast amount of knowledge for his age but he has a passion rarely seen in entrepreneurs his age. When I asked him what his goal was with everything he has going on, he quickly replied.

“Not to make this sound like a pitch fest, but I want to build clients beautiful, optimized websites… so that they can go take care of and focus on more important details in their business.”

This is something so many entrepreneurs struggle with, finding time to take care of every detail of their business, Kris looks to help with this problem by taking a worry off of your plate with his beautifully designed websites and campaigns.

Normally, when I speak to someone and ask what is it they do, I’ll get a general answer. Not with Kris, he broke it down for me… “We provide businesses with a team of dedicated professionals who provide undefinable search engine marketing solutions and digital marketing strategies to transform their companies and create innovative design experiences on both local and global scales.”

Why is this important? Kris’s answer – “With 2+ Billion users on facebook and 63,000 Google Searches PER SECOND, if your business isn’t using the internet to generate business, you’re definitely losing. We utilize all aspects of the online space to help double, triple and even quadruple businesses monthly revenue.”

So what are some of the services Rylan Digital offers?

  • Website Design & Development
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Pay Per Click
  • Management (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is an impressive business for such a young man to have built… but wait, there’s more.

Kris has also started his second company. Ambitious Architects. Which is a White-Label Web Development/Design company helping Digital Marketing Agencies Scale. The beauty of the business is the free time opened up for agencies as well as the amazing profits they can earn by working with Kris’s second company.

The model is pretty cool the further I looked into it. I can definitely see the benefits for agencies to work with Kris. They pay a wholesale price for the work done and charge their clients a premium for the quality website built. Also, it’s completely white-label so they get all the credit!

No in-house studio costs, staff, hassles and most importantly no worries about enough work coming in to keep that in-house studio busy and profitable. Truly a win-win situation!

Their Motto… “You sell, We Fulfill.”

Let’s be honest, would rather spend tens of hours a week designing websites, or reaching out to new businesses and generating more money for your business? To me, the answer here is simple.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kris, make sure to visit his Facebook page or you can visit his website:

You can even email him at or give him a call at (815) 668-2775.

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