Marisa Cotton’s Life Skills Shows Through Her Business

Marisa Cotton's life skills and lessons learned from her father propelled her and her business.

Want to get to know an amazing Woman, Founder, and CEO who has over 15 years mentoring youth in life essentials and skills, building minds by strengthening their knowledge in the survival of life skills?

Someone who has over 10 years helping individuals build and repair their credit, 12 years experience as a life coach, 15 years in business development and oh yeah… 6 years of financing and bookkeeping?

If all that sounds impressive wait until you hear her education. She received her Bachelors in Public Administration, concentrating in Administrative Management then went on to Receive a Masters in Public Administration concentrating in Human Resources from Cal State Long Beach. Only to go on and receive a Masters in Business concentrating in Finance from UCLA.

I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Marisa personally, let me tell you. Her breadth of knowledge is hard to match, but she is also someone who cares. Someone who wants to share her knowledge with others in hopes of helping them along their journey.

With someone who is so passionate and driven, with the resume to match. I had to know her “why!”

This is what I found out.

Marisa’s dad was an accountant and taught her life and survival skills. He also taught her how to survive in Corporate America, as a woman and maybe even more importantly… as a Black woman.

He instilled in her the belief that the world owes you NOTHING, you must work for everything you want. And she has. He also taught her the value of finances, credit, how to buy a home, plumbing issues, fees… the list goes on and on.

It’s easy to see the immense impact that Marisa’s dad had on her and how it shaped her journey, career and life.

Marisa’s path comes from a place of compassion and anyone that takes the time to talk to her can clearly see that within minutes. When I asked why she does all of this, Marisa said “I want to empower and teach others so that our future generations don’t fall into some of the same pitfalls that we did growing up. I want to provide hope, a sense of empowerment, knowledge, life skills, survival.”

“This world is only getting harder and harder. What do you hold? What knowledge do you have that’s going to put you above the average person? How will you survive and make it through? It’s one thing to barley survive, its another thing to float comfortably.”

These were powerful words, I was taken aback by her sheer passion for everything that she does!.

When I asked Marisa her favorite quote, “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” This clearly resonated with me, because its something I say all the time. And clearly… Marisa is about it.

Marisa has used all of her knowledge and skills to start her businesses. Which I’d definitely encourage all of our readers to check out.

She owns Your Star Power Solutions, a business consulting firm helping entrepreneurs establish, incorporate, and launch their businesses. She also teaches how to obtain business credit as well and the importance of having business credibility.

Her main company website is and she’s already prepping for Valuable Tax Solutions which is coming in January 2020.

If you’re interested in getting in contact with Marisa for any services or to learn more about what drives her, you can email her at

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