Reasons Why Vernard Alexander is Pittsburgh’s ‘Black Godfather’

Vernard Alexander
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If you’re from Pittsburgh, especially in the entrepreneurial scene you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know Vernard Alexander.

Vernard is someone who’s affectionately called “The Connect King” but I’m not sure that title does him justice.


I’ll give you a personal story, which I don’t do often.

When I was starting my entrepreneurial journey, I had a lot of questions. I was meeting with people who I thought could help me and could also benefit from the services I was offering. And by the end of EVERY SINGLE ONE of those conversations, there was a common question asked, “Have you met with Vernard yet?”

After the fifth or sixth time hearing this in as many meetings, I knew V was someone I had to get with. So I decided to reach out to him via facebook. He didn’t hesitate to answer me back and help. Not only help me with connections but to point me in the right direction and walk the path with me. If you’re in business, well really any aspect of life then you know this is unheard of. Especially doing this for someone you barely know.

Fast forward to today and I have a strong connection with V. He’s never once asked me for anything in return and when I offer, he always declines. It’s just not his style. Instead, he uses his Social Capital to help others. He’s sent people my way for help, and I gladly do because of the example he’s set.


If you’ve watched The Black Godfather on Netflix, then this probably sounds very familiar and it’s why I and many others have started making that comparison.

Not only does Vernard make connections, but he’s also opened up a space for entrepreneurs called CKV Suites.

Located in Homewood, PA CKV Suites is an amazing co-working/events place that is run by Vernard. He’s put it in a super convenient place that’s accessible by bus or car. This is also a rarity, however, V knew that convenience was key. He wanted it to be a place for everyone, not an exclusive spot like so many others tend to be.

We could go on and on listing his accomplishments, what he does for others and how selfless he is but I think you get the point. What I’d suggest, if you don’t know him… get to know him. He has some amazing things going on and some wonderful things in the works for the future. Make sure to like and follow his CKV Suites Page and look for ways to help him!

My final point… I think its time to retire the Connect King title. Now, He’s Pittsburghs own Black Godfather.

Brandon Brooks
Brandon is an entrepreneur focused on helping others start or grow their small businesses through his crowdfunding platform Inventrify.

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