Punch Slam By SZA And TDE A Photographer Who Published Photos From The Singer’s Photoshoot Without Her Consent

"I'm not doing this for clout," he tweeted.

SZA and TDE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson expressed their displeasure with a photographer who, according to them, published images of the singer without their permission. “Releasing pictures of me without my consent is scary,” SZA wrote in a tweet, bringing the issue to the attention of her Twitter followers. Be cautious while working with people you don’t know well.”

One user inquired if her post was in response to recent social media photographs of her wearing a blue bikini. “He literally texted me [and] said’sorry if u never want to work w me again but I decided I’m releasing these,'” SZA confirmed. “Never felt more powerless or disrespected,” she added.
After failing to contact the photographer, Punch went straight to the photographer. He wrote, “Anyone know this person @Edwiggery?” “Without authorization, this individual shared an entire photo shoot of SZA. He’s stopped reacting now.”

In a tweet of his own, the photographer addressed the problem. “I’m not doing this for clout,” he tweeted. “There’s so much more to this than you people know, I’m not a bad person.” “On social media, I’m not debating with anyone. I’ve never done it before, and I’ll never do it again. Also, [prayer hands emoji] stop sending death threats.” When Punch saw his message, he replied, “And you still have the post up on IG?? You’re doing it incorrectly, champ. I guarantee you’re going about it the wrong way.”

The picture of SZA remains up on the photographer’s page, and upon viewing it, a disappointing comment from SZA can be seen. “I begged u not to post these,” she wrote.

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