Vernon Davis Discusses Former Teammate Colin Kaepernick And The Mental Health Of Black Males

Vernon Davis couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Colin Kaepernick went from starting quarterback to modern-day civil rights icon after refusing to stand for the national anthem in the 2016 season, a season after he was transferred from his long-time San Francisco 49ers to the Denver Broncos. Throughout the season, Kaepernick spoke out against the numerous social injustices he saw across the United States. Since publicly speaking out about the difficulties, he hasn’t been signed by an NFL team in five seasons.

“It caught me by surprise,” Davis told rolling out. “I didn’t really expect anything like that to happen. But I know everyone has the freedom and liberty to do and express themselves the way they want to fully express themselves. I applaud him for being able to go outside the box and do something that he believes in. I think it’s always great when a man stands up for something they believe in.”

Kaepernick has developed an exclusive Nike shoe, founded a publishing firm, and recently released his Netflix series “Colin in Black and White,” which he co-created with Ava Duvernay.

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