The Tim Tebow Era is Over : Tebow Released from the Jets

The New York Jets cut backup quaterback Tim Tebow after only one season.
Tebow released by Jets

Tebow released by JetsSo it’s already over?  Man, that was quick!

So this morning the New York Jets figured they had enough of Tim Tebow and officially released the “star” quarterback. I put star in quotations because he was a star,  just not a star player. Tebow is more popular than he really should be, I mean he’s not even a starter. The Jets only got him for publicity because they never played him. Tebow was a sideline show more than anything else this season. The Jets couldn’t even get a trade for Tebow so they were left with their last option: waive him.

Tebows fame came last season as he became the starter for the Denver Broncos. It was weird though, as he was playing very well but completely sucked at the same time.  He would mess up most of the game, so you turn the channel. Then you wake up the next morning turn to ESPN and see him get the game winning touchdown, it was ridiculous.

A lot people said he couldn’t throw and a lot of people were right. A lot of people said he couldn’t play and you know a lot of people were right, but some how some way he just kept on winning. It was crazy he was truly a good guy in the league from the winning to his christian attitude. He even had people “Tebowing”. All that ended though when Peyton Manning became available, the Broncos did the right move and snatched him up. Soon afterwards Tim was traded to the Jets.

The Jets saga is pretty sad, he went from starting to backup quarterback. To make matters worse, the guy starting over him, Mark Sanchez wasn’t lighting it up either.  The Jets were stuck with two bad options and really did nothing about it. Tebow was rarely used, well he was used for everything but a quarterback until finally all that ended.

Things hit an all time low when Sanchez was benched and Tebow didn’t get the start, instead the 3rd stringer did. The team finished last in the AFC and he didn’t even get the start. Teams were willing to trade for him but not with the role of starting quarterback. So now he’ll hit the waiver market later on today. If a team wants a side show or controversy they’ll probably get him. He’s still young and is definitely a big name so I don’t see why a team wouldn’t let him bench ride.

As for now Tebow and the Jets are done, I wonder where  he’ll go next. 

At least he still has this game for people to remember him by.  Which is one more win than what Peyton Manning has won for Denver in the playoffs.

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