Brussels Terror Attacks: 28 Confirmed Dead, Dozens More Injured In Airport Suicide Bombing And Metro Blast.

At least 28 are confirmed dead after two terror attacks in Brussels this morning. Brussels’ Zaventem Airport was the site of a suicide bombing killing 13. Another 15 confirmed dead in Maelbeek metro station blast.
Brussels Airport Attack

At least 28 are confirmed dead after two terror attacks in Brussels this morning, many more were injured. Two explosions went off inside Brussels’ Zaventem Airport Tuesday morning at about 8 a.m. At least one explosion there happened outside the security checkpoints for ticketed passengers and near the airline check-in counters an airport official told media. 13 people have been confirmed dead in the airport attack. All flights out of the airport have been canceled and flight en route to the airport have been diverted to Liege airport.
[youtube] The airport was not the only mode of public transportation rocked by explosions this morning. A blast went off shortly after the airport explosions at Maelbeek metro station. The station is in midtown near E.U. office buildings, embassies and international organizations. The explosion happened during peak traveling hours where many were commuting to work and school.

Belgium is now on maximum terror alert and has shut down all forms of public transportation. 15 people have been confirmed dead in the metro attack with 55 injured as reported by CBS news.

The Belgian Office of the King’s Prosecutor confirmed that the airport was a suicide bombing. according to state broadcaster RTBF.
[youtube] “We are following the situation minute by minute,” Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel tweeted as news of the attack spread. He has asked that all citizens stay indoors.

Photos and amateur videos have leaked to the internet of people fleeing for their lives as well as some of the injuries. WARNING some of the photos in the slideshow are graphic.


Belgium authorities had been on high alert all week since the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in Brussels. Abdeslam is said to be one of the perpetrators of the November attacks on Paris. Abdeslam where 130 people were killed.

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