Mommy Blogger Marie Hebert is B.A.D.(Beautiful, Admired, and Down Right Southern)

Not being a mother, I was surprised a mommy blog had caught my eye on Twitter and maintained my attention with its whimsical layout and catchy headlines.

Not being a mother, I was surprised a mommy blog had caught my eye on Twitter and maintained my attention with its whimsical layout and catchy headlines, “On Food Stamps and Designer Jeans”. So I reached out to Marie for an interview to put her mommy blogging skills to the test and not only did she pass but she obtain a full paid scholarship!

Are you a French Quarter, New Orleans Mom or a Louisiana, New Orleans Mom?

I am a French mom living in New Orleans, LA. I do not identify as just a New Orleansian simply because I would lose one layer of my identity, the French one. I am excited to be a global citizen living in a multicultural city and to have that outlook on New Orleans. I do not really identify with the rest of Louisiana. My beliefs vary from the rest of the population, although I remain open to their experiences, upbringing, and outlook on life plus current events.

Say my child wants a pet alligator because they are obsessed with Louis from Disney Princess and the Frog? Give me advice on how I should handle the situation or where to purchase one?

NO PET ALLIGATOR! If my kid wants to learn about alligators, then let’s take a trip to the zoo or even better, to the Alligator Ranch on the North shore. Let’s ask ourselves these questions:

1) What do alligators eat?

2) Where do they live and sleep?

3) Would they be happy in a human home?

Alligators are important because they keep the marshland clean, and that’s where they need to be. The baby alligators in the gift shop of the Louisiana Swamp are very cute – yet they become as big as the ones chilling on the shores of the outdoor bayou.

You recently came back from a trip from Paris, and in your blog post you mention the style of Parisian mothers, can you give New Orleans moms advice on how to emulate their style and be sexy, but not trashy, using lingerie shops in N.O.?

French moms buy their lingerie in boutiques but also at the grocery store. In Paris, France lingerie is not seen as trashy!

In New Orleans, I would say that lingerie unfortunately also has that connotation.

My favorite lingerie boutique is in Uptown and called Bonjour Lingerie. The lace is delicate and not tacky, but most pieces are a little pricey (over $50). The sale ladies are knowledgeable and discreet. No mom wants to be reminded of how much her body has changed after having babies, and they do a good job at counseling customers in regards to that and in general.

What is the best part about being a mother in New Orleans?

There is so much to say to answer this question! The best part is probably the many, many, many activities for kids of all ages, at the Audubon Foundation (Zoo, Insectarium, and Aquarium) which offer a wealth of resources, then you have the Children’s Museum, which is moving to City Park & will be more accessible. Beignets at Morning Call in City Park are one of my family’s favorites fall outings.

Then there is the Carousel Gardens and Storyland amusement park that host lots of specials and themed events. There is never a dull moment!

Mardi-Gras is fun for older kids, and it is free!

Originally from Paris, France (Champagne region) it’s no wonder Marie has such exquisite taste on how to be a Mommy! For those who think your life is over when you become a MOTHER, here is a prime example of it is just beginning. I hope you will keep up with this mommy blogger and married mother of 2 who has also written for New Orleans Living Magazine.


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