Meet Purple-Haired Amazonians at ‘Wild Woman of the Planet Wongo’ in New York City [REVIEW]

'Wild Woman of Planet Wongo' is a fun, wacky ride.

There are many strange things to be found in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. And the latest offering of the interactive play, Wild Woman of Planet Wongo, is no different.

While Wonder Woman is playing on the big screen across the big city, the sci-fi musical that features purple-haired Amazonians can be found in a quaint space behind the dive-live bar Parkside Lounge. And instead of heading to Themyscira, the side door transports attendees to another world — Planet Wongo.

A bar to the left offers a mysterious green drink dubbed Wongotini and and women with tall purple hair and green jumpsuits are spread around. If you’re not feeling adventurous about drinking green liquid, entry to the musical guarantees a free drink ticket to try it. (It’s vodka, Midori, tequila and lime juice)

The show follows two me as they land on the exotic warrior planet full of purple-haired women who favor singing 60s-esque showtunes and doing the “Wongo luau.” ANd while the men are clearly thinking about doing the “hanky-panky,” the fearsome women have other ideas in mind.

Despite the small space, the crew is able to manipulate it well to provide an unique experience. TV screens are placed around the room to project messages from the men’s e-helper, an animated-style eye named ?? or show the cartoonish desert that’s supposed to represent Wongo.

Although much is done with the space, there are a few things that could make a more immersive experience such as projector screens to cover every inch of the place to give a full immersion experience or incorporating the DJ into the act as a “man slave” or a Wongo woman.

But the musical makes up for this with several interesting ways that allow for audience interaction including a small dating game and a chance to aim a bat towards the “man slaves.” (But you can’t hit their nether regions because “that’s for Wongo woman only.”) The actors and actresses deserve much praise as well as they are fast on improvisation when it comes to dealing with hecklers.

In the end the show brings together a story similar to Futurama’s “Amazon Women in the Mood” with the nuance and cleverness of The Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man.”

Wild Woman of Planet Wongo is fun and wacky show for those with an open-mind. And by the end, you’ll surely be doing the “wongo luau.”

If you’re feeling adventurous, something different and wacky to do in New York City, head over to Planet Wongo and snag a ticket to the 100-minute show for $45.

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