Samsung to Launch the Galaxy S9 in February 2018

Samsung’s president of mobile has confirmed the company will launch its new flagship phone next month.

Samsung President of mobile business DJ Koh confirms that Samsung Mobile is set to launch their Galaxy S9 in February.

The Launch of the Galaxy S9 that has since seen a lot of speculations going around will now come to rest as  Dj Koh chose to settle the dust during his speech at the now-in-progress CES 2018 event in Las Vegas by announcing that the Galaxy S9 will be launched in February at MWC 2018.

Reports suggest that in his speech DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business, said its first flagship smartphone of the year will be unveiled at the trade show in February.

Koh added that the firm will reveal the release date for the handset during the event ending speculation that the firm will unwrap the handset at the event itself. Going by the trend of previous launches the Galaxy S9 may arrive in March like it was in 2017 where the launch was done in March but the S8 made available in April.

As well as the Galaxy S9 launch, Koh also commented on Samsung’s debut of its first foldable smartphone by claiming the phone will launch in 2019 contrary to his previous report in 2017 that it would launch this year.  Apparently, the software UX is proving the biggest stumbling block in getting the handset consumer-ready.

Looking at the design of the Flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9 will almost certainly look very similar to the Galaxy S8 with the only difference to the physical appearance being the different camera module on the rear of the phone which will be a dual lens setup.

Regarding the Features, the internals will be thoroughly updated,  adding in faster processors, faster RAM, support for advanced LTE, and better overall connectivity. Technically the Galaxy S9 will be an advancement of the Galaxy S8, not a complete overhaul.

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