Sidestep Cyber Crime: A Guide to Safe Online Shopping in 2019

E-Commerce stores are an ideal gateway for criminals to get hold of your personal details. Don’t buy anything until you’ve read about safe online shopping here.

SE-Commerce stores are an ideal gateway for criminals to get hold of your personal details. Don’t buy anything until you’ve read about safe online shopping here.

A whopping 40% of Internet users in the U.S. shop online several times per month.

Online stores offer a gateway for cybercriminals to steal your credit card data. If you’re shopping online, there are some things you can do to protect your information. 

Don’t buy anything else online until you’ve read about safe online shopping here. 

Use PayPal or a Credit Card

Consider opening a PayPal account for online purchases. PayPal adds a layer of protection and keeps your credit card details out of a criminal’s hands.

You can use your credit card through PayPal when buying something. If you have money in your PayPal account, you can use your balance to pay for the items.  

If you don’t have a PayPal account, use a credit card instead of a debit card.

Credit cards offer more protection. Your debit card links straight to your bank account. A criminal can drain your account before you know they’ve stolen your card info.

It may take a while to get your money back. And it could cost you up to $500. 

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you’re only liable up to $50. That’s if someone charges on the card before you report it stolen. If you report it stolen before any charges are made, then you’re not liable for any charges. 

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN uses encryption and changes your IP address. Changing the IP address, masks your identity. This keeps your credit card information from falling into the wrong hands. 

Some VPNs offer ad blocking which further protects your computer from viruses. There are many VPNs available.

Some are more expensive than others, such as NordVPN. Is NordVPN worth it? If you’ve ever experienced cybercrime, you know a VPN is worth the cost. 

Use Strong Passwords

Most sites require an account before you can buy something. Always create strong passwords on shopping websites. Make the password long. Use upper and lower case letters and special characters. 

Never use the same password for more than one website. If a criminal compromises one site, you don’t want them getting into your other accounts.

Never Use a Public Computer for Purchases

Never enter log-in information when using a public computer. Don’t log-in through your own computer using public Wi-Fi. Public networks are hacked on a regular basis. 

Don’t be like the woman who logged in to her bank account while on her computer at Starbucks. She watched in horror as the money drained out of her account. 

Use Secure Websites Only

Never enter your credit card information unless the website is secure. If possible, shop on trusted websites only. Big-name brands like Amazon and eBay have the best security possible. 

If you’re shopping on a lesser-known site, check the browser bar for security. If the website is secure, you’ll see “https://” in the browser. If there’s no “s,” at the end of the “http,” then the site isn’t secure.

Have a Safe Online Shopping Experience

Follow this advice for a safe online shopping experience. Use PayPal or a credit card whenever possible. Don’t use public computers. And never enter your log-in information on a public Wi-Fi network. 

Always use strong passwords. If possible, use a VPN and never use a website for shopping unless it’s secure. 

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