On the Rise: Del’s “Karma” ft. Ojo

Armed with his capacious musical expertise, Del aims to eternally please with the bold and buoyant “Karma“. Pop/R&B infused with a hip hop Caribbean vibe, the upbeat, yet melodic tune delicately ignites the pleasant aroma of love in the air. With the repetitive lyric “It hit cha like Karma”, Del playfully describes the aptitude of the love that his lucky lady will be showered with. Extracted from his summer themed EP Del Presents: A Sunset Special, “Karma” makes any chill in the air feel like a warm tranquil breeze. The song’s accompanying video brings the song’s energetic vibes to life, with Del and his love interest embracing the summery weather admist Toronto’s picturesque beaches and city surroundings.

Along with videographer Lucas Carravetta, Del aimed to capture the vibrancy of the summer and did just that. Ojo’s spicy rap made things even better. On the heels of his extensive musical theater background, the Nigerian born crooner started rapping at age 14, and has since been keeping his creative juices flowing, eventually conceiving an exclusive sound of his own. Raised in a plethora of countries including Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania and Canada, Del’s music effortlessly blends cultural rhythms from all around the world. With hits like “Karma” climbing the charts, Del’s place in pop culture will soon be permanently cemented. What’s next for Del? Be sure to keep up with him on Instagram. 

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