Rumors About Kim Jong-un’s Health Continue to Spread

What happens in North Korea stays in North Korea, which is why it's been so hard to get details about what's really going on with Kim Jong-un.

Information on what happens inside North Korea has notoriously been secretive with no free press in the country and minimal outside interaction with the world. This means that a lot of rumors are circulating about the country without knowing if they are true or not. In recent weeks, the health of Kim Jong-un has been questioned, with some reporting that he has died or is very seriously ill.

His Absence from Major Events

The rumors started to circulate when Kim Jong-un did not attend the birthday anniversary of the founding father of North Korea. This was his grandfather and it took place on 15 April 2020. In addition, he was missing at the North Korea Military Foundation Day, which he normally attends.

There have been reports that Kim Jong-un had heart surgery on 12 April and this may have gone wrong. He is known to have gained weight and is a heavy smoker. In addition, there are cardiovascular problems that run in the family. Some reports believe that the surgery went wrong and he is now in a critical condition. Other reports state that he is in a vegetative state. Even China sent a medical team of experts to North Korea.

It is interesting to note that satellite images have spotted a train that belongs to Kim Jong-un. Images have found it at Leadership Station in Wonsan and this is at a resort town in the country. It has been parked there from 21 April 2020 and there is no news when it will be leaving.

The Successor is Uncertain

If rumors are true about Kim Jong-un, there is not a definite successor for the country. This may open a power struggle in North Korea. One person who has emerged as a possible successor is Kim Jong-un’s young sister, Kim Yo-jong. He has trusted her for many years and has been present at nuclear summits. Yet, problems may emerge if this was the case, as party elites might not agree to have a woman as leader of the country.

The problems that could arise from the lack of a certain successor, could plunge the country into trouble. But it is important to note that this is not the first time that Kim Jong-un has disappeared off the radar. This has happened before after he had health problems and he emerged like nothing had happened. 

The most recent reports emerging from South Korea indicate that Kim Jong-un is alive and well. He is simply has been staying in Wonsan. However, this is difficult to confirm and this is only based on the fact that there is no special movement that has been detected in the country.

Indeed, there has been no suspicious movement around the country that would suggest something has happened. However, the world will not be happy until they see the leader again to ensure that he is alive. In the meantime, those that are browsing the internet can continue to play games and visit Moon Bingo for some fun.

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