Q&A w/ Actor Michael DeVorzon, star of A+E’s “Her Deadly Groom”

Her Deadly Groom –  Premiered July 26th, 2020 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.  

Recent divorcee Alison (Kate Watson) is nervous about jumping back into the dating pool.  When her best friend sets her up on a dating site, Alison is matched with Vincent (Michael DeVorzon), a mysterious man who appears to be too good to be true…because he is.  Will Alison uncover the truth about Vincent’s motives before it’s too late?

This, I believe, is your second film with Jared Cohn – but a very different film to the first. How did it come about?

“Her Deadly Groom” was actually the first film we did together. I didn’t know Jared at the time and auditioned for the part. They offered me the role and I was honored to take it on! The second movie we did together was “Fast and Fierce: Death Race” which came out May 19th and is an action film with DMX.

And how was the experience of working with Cohn for the first time?

He’s a wonderful guy and talented director. He puts a lot of trust in his actors, is very humble and open minded. He doesn’t bring an ego to set which is something I really admire, he just wants to get creative and execute. He stays grounded even when the pressure is on which helps us all achieve what we set out to do on any given shoot day.

In what ways can you relate to your character?

We all have the light and dark in us, the good and the bad so I channeled both of those sides of myself to the character.

Anything you can tell us about the plot? Maybe a favorite scene to look for?

It’s a chilling story following a man called Vincent, who manipulates a vulnerable and recently divorced woman into falling in love with him. The movie is built around his hidden motives and true intention with the woman, Allison.

Favorite scenes are probably Vincent’s run in with George (Eric Roberts) and the bathtub scene with Alison (Kate Watson) They were both long scenes that required stunts and lots of high stakes drama!

There’s a rabid fanbase for Lifetime films. Why do you think they’re so popular?

I think they put out films that have interesting stories about life that people can relate to. ​Everyday crime stories that happen to regular people.​ They run the gambit of every emotion that people are looking for in entertainment. It’s an easy form of entertainment and in this case, a wickedly delicious ​thrill ride!

You can connect more with Michael DeVorzon on Twitter and Instagram.

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