The Hate List! The 10 Rules to Cheating. Pt2

Ok, here we go with The Hate List! The 10 Rules to Cheating. Pt2. Now let me tell you this, I did not keep my promise. I told you all that I would issue Pt 2 of these rules on Monday, but I did not. Why? Is what you may be asking. Well the reason is where I start for today. Here is Pt 2 of The 10 Rules to Cheating.

6. Knowing how to Exaggerate The Truth: If you are not well versed in the craft of storytelling, cheating is not for you. You have to be a very skilled and learned on the art of Exaggerating The Truth (I do not like to use the word lie.) Lies involve emotion. Lies involve knee jerk responses. Lies can be investigated, put on trial, and found guilty before a panel of your peers. Now exaggerating the truth on the other hand is what you believe happen. It is completely polarizing. By indulging in the act of cheating you have created a polar opposite of yourself, which makes you a self diagnosed Bi polar individual. Back to my point, Exaggerating The Truth protects you from revealing that which is unwanted and subjective information. People loved to be lied too. When your mate ask you if you are cheating, your first response must not be, “huh, what uhh, what are you talking about”. It has to be strategic, well crafted, and a portion of the truth. Reveal all of you while showing your mate half of the picture. I exaggerated the truth when I told you all that I would have this article for you on Monday. You did not know I meant Monday night.

7. Honesty is the best policy: Honesty is the best policy when you are cheating on your mate. You have to be honest, not with your mate but with your mistress or your (I am not quite sure what you call the guy that women cheat on their husbands with; so I will call him the douche.) Ladies and gentlemen you have to tell them, your mistress or your douche, what the situation is. If it is just sex, let it be known. If it is for companionship tell them. If you realize at the last moment that you should not be doing this, TELL THEM! The more up front you are in the beginning with your cheating partner, the easier it is to make a quick exit. People are who they are, you cannot change them. If your mistress tells you something about her believe her. If your douche tells you something believe them. And most of all believe yourself when you tell them anything.

8. Act alone: The more people that know the worst the situation can be for everyone. Bone-head moves must be avoided. NEVER! Call your boy and tell him to cover for you. 9 times out of 10 this nucker sounds like he is lying when your mate calls him. Never bring your cheating partner around any of your family, especially your kids. Stay away from cameras and social networks. One thing about the internet, once it is out there it can never be taken off. Never go meet your cheating partner’s family and friends. Never ever, ever, EVER! “F” around at work! Co-workers should know as little about you as possible. Your life becomes public knowledge when you have an affair at work. Everyone knows, and your work performance can suffer. The more people that know, the worst the situation can be for everyone!

9. Don’t “F” up the House Money. This section is mainly for Men. Remember that your money is divided into 3 sections when you are cheating. You have Wife Money, Mistress Money, and House Money. First there is the Wife Money, which is the money that your wife expects to see every pay day. This has to remain the same. No funny activities with the credit cards or bank accounts. She is always watching those numbers and transactions. Next you have Mistress Money, which is the money that you have to play around with. You can play as long as this portion of the money is there. Once that money is gone, fold your hand and walk away from the table. Finally, you have House Money, which is the money that you need to hold on to. It could be the money for your business, your bills, your kids, or the money you have for you. Never let these three meet. When you are cheating, the tendency to become overwhelmingly selfish is there. You have to remember that you cannot “F” up none of this money. Ps Don’t buy your mistress and your wife the same gift. Avoid gifts if you can.

10. Know Why You Are Cheating: One of the main reasons people cheat is to become someone else. Cheating allows you to be that person that your mate takes for granted. It allows you to become as uninhabited as you want to be. It invites fantasy, ecstasy, and lust to take control of that part of you that has never been released on the world. Aside from this, you have to come to a concrete answer on why you are cheating. One should really have a Reason, not an excuse but a reason. If your reason is because you are unhappy with your mate, leave. If you are unsatisfied sexually, talk about it. If you are ready to risk losing all that is normal and boring today such as; your family, your health, your money, your home, and the vows that you made before God, in order to have a false reality tomorrow, go ahead. You really have to know why you are doing it and what the outcome of your actions could possibility be. I am not being self righteous; it is me reminding you that recklessness is not allowed in cheating. Remember this is a strategy, you have to game plan, and if you do not realized that this is a game that you can lose, do not even play this sh!t.

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