The Murder of Tiarah Poyau Brings the Black Male Sexual Violence Against Women to the Forefront

Tiarah Poyau resisted a stranger's sexual advances and for that, he shot her.

Tiarah Poyau had hopes of pursuing an accounting career at a leading organization once she completed her studies. However, this was not to be. A gunshot at point blank range ended her dreams and aspirations.

Poyau had attended an event as a breather from her busy academic schedule. Upon leaving the event with her friends at four in the morning, Reginald Moise approached her and started making unwanted sexual advances. Poyau resisted only for Moise to shoot her at point blank range.

Later, Moise admitted to a friend that, at the time, he had thought that the gun was empty. Nevertheless, the young man had not anticipated rejection by Poyau prompting him to kill her. Such forms of violence attest to the fact that the black male is exposing his weakness by murdering their women.

Son of Baldwin, an author, condemned the act on social media.

He basically says how ironic it is that the black male complains of police harassment yet ends up venting the same on black women. Sexual assault on black women by their male counterparts has been a subject of debate for a long time.

There are plenty of examples of women who have been under similar circumstances as Tiarah Poyau. For black women, the possibility of violence against them is real. However, the black community tries to downplay the issue by urging women to disregard these acts in the name of preventing racism.

While not condemning all men of black origin, one should not ignore the fact that the black male is assaulting and killing black women. Poyau was more a victim of violence on the strength of her femininity as compared to dying by the gun.

There is a need for dialogue, unity, and understanding among the black community. The way forward is to engage each other on how to bring an end to this violence.


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