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Matthew is an Graduate MBA student at Indiana University. He is involved in data analysis, market research, and statistics. He enjoys reading, writing and community involvement.
Planet Nine
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The “New Planet” Everyone is Talking About

First proposed in 2014, Planet Nine is a hypothetical body which could be present in the outskirts of our solar system. Estimated to be at least 10 times the size of the Earth, science is starting to heat up and the proposal may not be so hypothetical much longer.
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What a Powerball Winner Spends Their Money On

Last years' big lottery winner, North Carolina single mother Marie Holmes, won a huge $188 million jackpot. She pledged to spend it on her kids while giving donations to her church, but so far the biggest beneficiary seems to be "Hot Sauce," her alleged drug dealer boyfriend and father to her youngest child.
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Chicago Police Department Under Investigation

Shady actions by individuals in the Chicago Police Department have prompted probing. Cover-ups and a lack of information release are the basis of the Justice Department's involvement. Is this a start for something better?
Japanese Elderly Lady
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Japan’s Serious Dementia Crisis

Dementia, with no cure, has become a problem among older people. Japan, a country known for high life expectancy, is a reliable population to study the disease. These results may help other countries before it is too late.